Baby Girls Are Not More Fun Than Baby Boys

And baby boys are not more fun than baby girls.

Recently at an event, I had an individual come up to me and tell me, “baby girls are more fun than boys”, and this individual went on to say that shopping is also more fun and easier for baby girls.

Does this individual know that I have an eleven-month old baby boy? Yes.

Shockingly enough, I held my tongue and didn’t respond to the person the way I wanted to respond, because well…manners, maturity, and because this individual doesn’t even have a child of their own.

As I mentioned, I have a sweet baby boy, Walker. He is almost a year old. I’m also blessed to have a beautiful niece, Laurel Kate. Laurel Kate and Walker are very close in age, roughly three and a half months apart. I’ve had the joy of watching them both grow and develop. I am not a Mother to a girl. I’m expecting but I don’t know what I am having yet. Nick and I find out July 1st. But I am a Mother to a wild, loveable, and comical baby boy. Does this give me grounds to say that baby boys are more fun than girls? Absolutely not. And I would never dream of saying those words to my sister-in-law or my brother, because how would I know?

Parents of both a girl and a boy, may be able to tell you who is “more fun”, but even then—I think they would tell you that their children are both fun and fun in their own ways, but not more fun than the other. What about parents of only boys or only girls? In my opinion, that relates to my current situation. I’m only a boy mom. I don’t know what it is like to have girls.

Regardless, all children are fun. Watching Walker grow, learn, explore, and face challenges has been amazing. Watching Laurel Kate dance, sign for milk, and wave bye just melts my heart.

Something to take away from this post…

  1. If you do not have a child of your own, or even if you do, don’t ever communicate with another parent that a boy or girl is more fun than the other. If you truly believe that girls are more fun than boys (or vice versa), keep that opinion to yourself.

  2. Shopping for boys is actually really fun. I love pairing bowties with shorts and a button up. I love shopping for athletic wear—seeing Walker in a little Nike outfit is the cutest. And there are actually alot of stores that have a variety of super cute clothes for boys. If you are resourceful, you know this ;)

  3. All babies/children are different. Some are going to hit milestones before others. Some are going to be shy. Some are going to be outgoing. But most of all, having a child of your own is a blessing. Boys and girls are both super fun. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.