What Are The Rules For Inviting Others To A Celebration?

Specifically, what are the rules for inviting others to your child’s birthday?

Walker’s First Birthday is coming up. He will be a year old on July 13th. I know I will cry on that day, but hopefully not at his party because pictures, makeup, hair, and people. I started creating a Pinterest board months ago. I’m so excited because I love to plan and decorate events, but especially for my little boy!

Anyways, the toughest part of planning his birthday was deciding who to invite to celebrate his life, his milestones, and our love for him. Because think about it—for roughly six months (as a first time parent), you are exhausted, a home body, trying to adjust to having a sweet baby, and your social life fades away. And for the other six months, you are making memories with your baby, while also trying to rekindle your friendships and social life, while juggling who is going to keep my son/daughter when I have friend-time, or can I bring my child to this event/gathering? Will there be other kids?

For me, I also thought about all of my friends who have children around the same age as Walker. But some of these people aren’t technically my “friends”…yet, but I’d like them to be because we know the same people, have hung out multiple times before, and our children are roughly the same age, or will be in an age group where they can play together. While I want to invite these people to create a friendship for myself and for my son, I don’t want these people to think I am asking for a gift—well, I am asking for a gift, but not the one you are thinking. I’m asking for the gift of your receival of my olive branch, of your effort to start a friendship with us, and your presence at my son’s birthday—not baby clothes, a stuffed animal, a toy that lights up and plays songs, or a ball pit.

What are your thoughts? Opinions? Other ideas for creating a friendship with your friends to be?