Logo and Invitation Design

Something From Behind-the-Scenes

Not only do I plan and coordinate Weddings and Events, but I also have a background and experience in marketing and design. I'm excited to show you logos that I have created. Some are real logos, while some are mock logos that I created to put in my portfolio. I will be adding more to the collection. 

I've also started designing invitations of all types. I've designed invitations based off of a style that a client had in mind and I have also replicated invitations to better fit a client's budget. All invitations are available for purchase after design is complete, and you'll receive a file download. Printing is up to you, but I do have vendors for printing in mind! 

Here are the logos that I have created:

Follow this link to see the few invitations that I have created.

I can't wait to create more and add to my portfolio!