Once you complete the series of questions about your wedding day, we will start creating your wedding day candle. We look at your wedding images and color palette in order to start brainstorming on your unique scent. We reach out to your florist and your photographer for a deeper understanding for your day. From your florist, we will ask for the dominant flower or your favorite flower from your wedding day. It will take about two weeks to create your candle. We incorporate the flowers ( if you’d like), the oils we think match best with the style and mood from your wedding, and a touch of the season in which you got married.


Once we receive the questions, we will reach out to you for payment via e-mail. You will receive an invoice. We will not start creating your wedding day candle until we receive full payment. Candles are $35 plus shipping and handling. We accept cards only at this time. Flowers in your candle are an additional (minimal) fee. Care instructions and a note about your candle are included.


Shipping costs are determined by location. We will make you aware of shipping costs before processing payment and creating your candle.